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Our optional Counterweight for FaceCam iPhone HMC is yet another unique offering from, makes our FaceCam a truly professional iPhone Facial Motion Capture helmet.

The weight of iPhones, especially the heavier models (non-mini), can make the helmet front-heavy. If you are using the iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini, you might not need a Counterweight, though some of the mini phone users still prefer it. (It can reduce neck strain resulting from longer capture sessions.)

Our optional 250g (8.8oz) Counterweight for FaceCam iPhone HMC ('CW') can be moved towards, or away from, the head, to tune the center of mass of the helmet plus iPhone.

Though the CW can make the FaceCam more comfortable to wear, its additional weight can make the helmet less stable, during rapid movements.

  • Use it for dialog, acting, seated or standing capture or vTubing
  • Remove it for stunts and rapid motions.

International customers: Please consider ordering a counterweight along with their FaceCam, if you might have need for it.

  • If ordered separately, the Counterweight can be expensive to ship internationally. The cost to ship a Counte If ordered at time of FaceCam purchase, the Counterweight can be shipped in the same box, without any additional shipping cost.

The Counterweight for FaceCam iPhone HMC includes all necessary parts to attach it to your FaceCam.

If you have any questions about whether or not you should purchase a Counterweight, please visit our Contact page, or use our Chat feature, in the bottom-right corner of each page.