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Our performance-vetted universal helmet allows easy adjustment to various head sizes via headband. Insertion of different thickness of foam cushions, in conjunction with adjustment of the headband, allow complete customization of fit, while maintaining comfort and stability.

iPhone X and newer work well for real-time face tracking, due to their special depth-sensing cameras.

Purchasing a phone specifically for use with our FaceCam? Consider the iPhone 12 or 13 mini. At 133/141 grams, those models are the lightest of all the iPhones that include the facial capture technology rolled out in iPhone X. By comparison, the Pro Max iPhone weighs over 200 grams.

iPhone 12's Truedepth sensor is superior to the Truedepth sensor on 13 and 14.

The camera technology, (and face tracking result,) will be the same for all iPhones models: X through 12, though the sensor on X is only 7MP.

The Universal Mount capability of our FaceCam will allow other phones, (i.e., not iPhone X through 13,) or cameras to be attached. You'll have best results if your alternative phone or camera weighs 135g or less.

Non-indicated cameras, such as the Go Pro® or Dragon Touch? As long as it fits, and isn't too heavy.

The optional counterweight can help make the balance of the helmet more comfortable, when used with your own phone or camera, as long as you aren't engaged in energetic movements, or using a phone that weighs 200 grams or more.

If you have a heavier phone, and are considering purchase of a counterweight, you might consider getting a 12 or 13 mini, instead of a counterweight.


The iPhone 14 base model weighs about 27% more than the iPhone 12 mini.

Our optional counterweight can improve the comfort and balance of 14, when used with our helmet.

There are certainly advantages to using the 12 or 13 mini. The counterweight increases the overall helmet weight; therefore, it should be removed when doing stunts or fast motions.

Possibly, but here's how to decide:

The counterweight can make the helmet more comfortable when used with heavier phones such as the Pro Max (over 200g.) Useful for longer recording sessions too.

Use of an iPhone 12 or 13 mini might be a better option than purchase of a counterweight.

Use of a counterweight makes the helmet less stable, so you should remove it when doing acrobatic stunts.

International customers who think they might need a counterweight should consider ordering it along with their FaceCam. Due to its weight, counterweights can be somewhat expensive to ship separately.

Should I order one just in case?

Domestic? (US and Canada), you can order it later, if you end up wanting it.

International customers? Maybe.

Do I need the extra memory foam?
If more than one performer will be using the helmet on the same day, consider ordering extra sets of foam. Our memory foam can be hand washed, and dries overnight.

Optional sensor mount:

Do I need this?
Only if you plan to integrate with another motion capture technology for partial or full-body tracking, (optical, Inertial Measurement Unit-based tracking, or HTC Vive Trackers, etc.)

Optical markers, Vive tracker, or Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?

Yes - we recommend that you use our optional Tracker Mount accessory.

Non-indicated cameras, such as a Go Pro® or other camera?
As long as it fits, and isn't too heavy. An optional counterweight can help offset the camera weight, but isn't meant for acrobatic use.

Orders received by 9 AM Pacific time generally ship the same business day, if domestic, or next business day, if international. We often manage to ship international orders the same business day, if received by 9AM Pacific time.

Once we ship:

Delivery to the United States: 2 business days. Customers in or near Los Angeles sometimes receive their shipment within one business day, via UPS Ground.

Delivery to Canada: Up to 8 business days* via UPS Standard (Free!), 2 business days via UPS Worldwide Expedited Service.

Rest of the world: 1 to 3 business days,* in most cases

*customs processing times and/or carrier delays sometimes increase the amount of time required for delivery of international shipments.

USA: Free UPS 2nd Day, or Ground, if faster.

Canada: Free UPS Standard, or
UPS Worldwide Expedited

Greatly discounted UPS rates, with a variety of fast service options to choose from, depending upon your location.

We ship all our orders 'signature required'.

Once your order has shipped, you will need to contact UPS to request any change of delivery address, or if you want to provide additional delivery instructions. UPS is generally unable to change delivery method, once they have received your shipment from us.

1 year parts and labor

Return to Radical Variance : Customer pays shipping cost

Sent from Radical Variance: Radical Variance will cover the cost of return shipping, using the most economical method. If you require faster return shipping, you can pay for an upgrade to expedited return shipping.

The FaceCam requires / includes no software. There are a wide variety of iPhone® apps worth considering, especially Epic® Software's free LiveLink Face®

Radical Variance collects sales tax for shipments delivered within California. Sales tax will automatically to these orders.

Radical Variance sales tax for states other than California.

For international shipments, all importation-related expenses, such as, but not limited to: Taxes, VAT, customs duties, brokerage fees, etc. are the sole responsibility of international purchasers of our FaceCams and accessories.

Evaluation units?
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Sorry, but this is a professional quality product that is being offered at a greatly discounted price.
We felt it was important to make it as affordable as possible, for as many serious users as possible.

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