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FaceCam iPhone HMC

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FaceCam iPhone HMC helmet for creating facial animation via mocap — motion capture


Designed by 2020 Academy Award winner — Standard DeviationReady to ship
FaceCam iPhone HMC motion capture helmet in action - exceptionally comfortable


Just 240g (8oz), thanks to its advanced alloy constructionGet yours
The lightest FaceCam iPhone HMC motion capture helmet in action - stands up to the most demanding action captures, while integrating with any mocap system.


Extreme stability without uncomfortable chin straps!Shop now
The most stable iPhone HMC mocap helmet, in action. Extremely stable throughout the most demanding gymnastics and action captures.

The technology you need

With 20+ years of experience designing custom motion capture hardware for the film and video game industries, we are years ahead of everyone else.

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“For Fox’s Alter Ego, we required a HMC that was reliable, comfortable and easy and fast to outfit the talent in. With other systems, the iPhone would fall out, components would crack and break, but between the lightweight design and counterweight system, Standard Deviation’s HMCs proved they are truly the ‘perfect fit’ for this and any real time production.”

Logo for Silver Spoon Animation - part of the creative force behind Fox TV's Alter Ego(tm)
Dan Pack
Managing Director/Partner

"FaceCam has become an indispensable Virtual Production tool around Mod. It has lowered the barrier to capturing mocap performances on-the-fly.

Our first project with it - and still my favourite - as I directed Harry Shearer at home in LA from Sydney for it during our first COVID  lockdown. The
pics show my WebCaster rig remote operating a FaceCam mounted iPhone on the other side of the world!" Son In Law.

Logo for Mod Studio, Australia. "We’re on a mission to create amazing interactive and immersive experiences."
Michela Ledwidge
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