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FaceCam iPhone HMC Videos

Produced by Megaverse in Epic Software's Unreal Engine. Facial capture done with our FaceCam iPhone HMCs (plus iPhones).

GAME CHANGERS is a live interactive online game bringing together audiences to learn about climate change and be a part of climate activism. A live remote audience joins GreenView Rising across two sessions as they fight for a sustainable future, making decisions collectively to shape the game’s outcome.

The Voice in the Hollow

Xanadu: Blu vs Metahuman — by Cory Strassburger

"Son In Law" performed by Harry Shearer.

Production by Mod Studio. Michela Ledwidge, of Mod Studio, Australia, directed Harry Shearer, at his home, from her home, during the pandemic.

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter - An Interactive Album Experience.

By Riot Games Music, Wave, and The Mill


Unreal Engine live with FaceCam and Xsens. Produced by Wondar Studios

Making of...

The Making of The Voice in the Hollow.

FaceCam iPhone HMC was used for facial mocap used in this awesome short film, made in Unreal Engine 5. (shown in 2:46-2:48)

Making of Xanadu in Unreal Engine

SEWIT - Behind the scenes virtual singer

Wave and Riot Games Music

How I Made an Animated Short Film in 48 Hours — Cory Williams

The making of Fox TV's 'Alter Ego' | Unreal Engine

SEWIT - Behind the scenes virtual singer: Virtual concert, animated in motion capture with Unreal Engine performing by Sewit Jacob Villa. Mocap by Wondar Studios.

Virtual concert, motion capture animation in Unreal Engine. Performance by Sewit Jacob Villa. Mocap by Wondar Studios.


So Comfy: Why I spent $2000 on a 'Vtuber Selfie Stick' - Fofamit


Eric Bear - Unboxing video

Unreal EngineMegasteakman - VR Mocap for Unreal Engine - Quick Start Video
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