Did you happen to watch the Super Bowl 2024 broadcast on Nickelodeon? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look!

🏈 Silver Spoon Animation used Unreal Engine with body tracking by Xsens to pull off the real-time SpongeBob and Patrick Star sports commentary. It featured the original voice-over actors Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke.

Silver Spoon creates innovative real-time content and engaging experiences for broadcast, advertising and entertainment with a virtual production platform built on Unreal Engine.

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🏈 For facial capture, the team used the FaceCam iPhone mocap helmet. The helmet was designed and developed by Academy Award winner Standard Deviation, based on their high-end, head-mounted cameras for the film and game industries.

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🏈 Xsens 3D motion tracking technology enables solutions with best-in-class performance, outstanding quality and ease of use. With more than 10 years of sensor fusion research and development, these technologies provide a seamless integration between the physical and the virtual world. Xsens set-ups use 17 wireless sensors to provide high-quality mocap data.

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Great job Nickelodeon, Silver Spoon Animation, XSens, Noah, Nate, CBS, Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, and everyone who worked so hard to pull off this awesome event. Of course, thanks to the Chiefs and the 'Niners for a well-played game.

Special thanks to Noah Kadner, Virtual Production Editor at American Cinematographer Magazine!