As reported in Gizmodo on September 29, 2023:
The Saga of the High-Radiation iPhone 12 Is Finally Over.

France’s ANFR, (L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences,) has verified the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) compliance of iPhone 12, after testing a new patch from Apple . ANFR gave Apple the go-ahead to issue a patch to iPhone 12 models, after which France could lift the ban on sales of 12. 

On Tuesday, September 12, France had halted sales of iPhone 12, indicating the phone did not meet its standards for electromagnetic radiation. (Most electronic devices put off electromagnetic radiation, which includes visible light, radio, wi-fi, and cellular communication signals.)

[Just to be clear, the issue did not involve dangerous ionizing radiation. Put simply, the radiation was more about the heat generated by the phone when placed next to one's head, or in one's hand or pocket. Interestingly un-patched iPhone 12 mini's and iPhone 12 Pro's passed the SAR test.]

Though the upcoming patch will put the iPhone 12 within compliance, users of our FaceCam iPhone HMC mocap helmet needn't be concerned about this issue when using their phone for creating facial motion capture animation, since the phone is positioned relatively far from the head and body when capturing mocap data of performer’s expressions.

Here is Reuter's take on the ban.